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A very “hip” Intellectual “Democratic Socialist” who sets the example for today’s Dems and Libs

Joseph Stalin

Stalin… Forerunner of Libs

The forerunner of today’s liberals, Bernie Sanders, and other dems:

Joseph Stalin was considered “hip” by fellow young people with political ambitions in his time; Joseph Stalin considered himself or was considered an intellectual; Joseph Stalin was an atheist; Joseph Stalin was historically labeled, self-identified, or both as a “Democrat Socialist”;

Joseph Stalin led protests against the rich and powerful; Joseph Stalin rose to power promising equality; Stalin’s ensuing regime took over private industry; A takeover of private industry led to mass poverty and famine;

Stalin eventually killed 20 million of his own people; Stalin is absent from history curricula across American universities In the pantheon of dictators Joseph Stalin’s reputation for brutality is rivalled only by that of Hitler.

The conventional image portrays Stalin as nothing more than a bloody tyrant, a machine politician, a heartless bureaucrat and an ideological fanatic. Yet Stalin was also an intellectual who believed in the transformative power of ideas and a bookworm who amassed a significant personal library.

America, are you going to stand by and lets this insane leftist ideology gain power in America?  Is that the heritage you want to leave your grandchildren?

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